Corin Jones

Hello friends! I'm Corin, a SoCal native, born and raised in the OC, growing roots in the IE. Raising my four kiddos wild and free, homeschooling, traveling, photographing, and a whole lot of yoga and meditating, is how I spend my days. And of course, a profuse amount of smudging and incense burning ;)

I firmly believe that we receive what we put out. If you want peace, give peace. If you want love, give love. If you want joy, give joy. It is simple. Is it resonance. What we release into this world, reverberates back to us. I have learned to live my life in this place of resonance; Both my business and personal. I consider my clients my friends first. And because of this, I enjoy what I do to the highest capacity. And my client friends enjoy the process! When I shoot, I am shooting to capture the exchange of human energy. Not just a well curated image.

I consider myself an artist first, then photographer. Photography is simply the means of expression I choose most often because it produces a high level of human connection, and it blesses others. Because I consider myself an artist first, I am free to use photography as a form of expression, not just my "job". And this, I believe, is where the magic lies. 

I am so grateful you chose to swing by here today. I would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact me! Namaste and Blessings to you!

Love + Peace




CSULB, B.A. Art History, Renaissance Art, 2006
Universita Firenze, Renaissance Art, Florence, Italy, 2002
Fullerton College, A.A. Fine Arts, Painting and Drawing, 2001